About the Author

WHO AM I TO BE so audacious as to tell the world’s religious, scientific, government, and business leaders what they are to do and how they are to solve the global problems we now face?  Well, someone needs to kick-start an effort to solve the overpopulated, overpolluted, and overnuclearized situation the world is currently in. Someone needs to be the first voice to say that leaders in science must convince religious leaders that overpopulation will, at some point, bring down our civilization. Someone needs to be the first voice to say that religious leaders must then convince government and business leaders that there truly is a specter of annihilation looming over humanity and that government and business need to put the world’s money and resources to use in building an infrastructure of hundreds of thousands of depolymerization units. Someone needs to be the first voice to tell the common folk to look to their religious leaders for strength and support in their extremely important role of reducing the population by having only one child. And someone needs to tell homeowners to be willing to comply with the idea of using their lawns as places to grow our food.

I’m not a scientist. I’m not a journalist. I’m not known as an expert on anything. I am retired and a member of the middle class. I have been looking at and thinking about the ramifications of global warming for quite some time, and I came up with the theories and solutions presented here as a way to confront the issues of overpopulation, global warming, and nuclear meltdown. I have a bachelor’s degree (1963) from Mayville State, a small college in North Dakota, where I majored in mathematics and business education. I began my work life as a teacher but retired from a career as a US customs inspector. After retiring, I became involved in drug-policy reform, and I now belong to a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I also worked with the King County (Washington) Bar Association Drug Policy Reform Task Force. You can find my biography and a picture at www.leap.cc under the “Find a Speaker” tab.

I have written this primer explaining the worst-case scenario relative to overpopulation, global warming and nuclear power plants. Now it is up to someone else to write about the ravages of a thermohaline circulation shutdown or the loss of resources such as forests, fisheries, soil, water, phosphorous, copper, rare-earth elements and more. It is sad-but, I suppose, only realistic-that overpopulation is creating worst-case scenarios everywhere. In the future our progeny must live differently than humanity has lived, since the beginning of time. Help them do so. Know that we, the generation living today, are the people who must make the the transition to this new paradigm.