SUNLIGHT IS ONE OF THE three benign energy sources that provide power to Earth and its inhabitants; the other two are geothermal activity and gravity. Atomic energy is fearful and problematic. Even its waste products are radioactive and hard to contain safely.

Our planet has experienced (and is still experiencing) sunlight in three orders, which I like to call “ancient sunlight,” “recent sunlight,” and “instant sunlight.” The fossil fuels we use today are ancient sunlight. The plants and animals living today are recent sunlight. The sunlight that touches our faces and creates the wind is instant sunlight. Instant sunlight is the energy supply for solar arrays and wind turbines.

The danger we face today is that we have put ourselves on the brink of nonexistence by overusing our supply of ancient sunlight. We must find a way to use our renewing supply of recent sunlight to augment and ultimately replace our current use of ancient sunlight while we strive to use instant sunlight to meet our energy needs. Geothermal activity and gravity will be a part of the energy picture of the future, but to a lesser degree than solar applications. Atomic energy must be eliminated.

We must find solutions to three main problems: we must reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we must peacefully reduce the number of people on Earth in a responsible and humane way and we must discontinue the use of nuclear power. My hope is that readers will find workable solutions to these problems herein.