Climate Change — April 7, 2019

Re: “Don’t settle for spoon-fed information.”

Spoon fed—From Merriam Webster Dictionary: to give someone information in a way that requires or allows no further thinking or effort. The letter writer objects to information being “spoon fed”. I agree, information should not be spoon fed; but facts are more than information.

The writer objects to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration website and recommends the Watts Up with That website. In my opinion NOAA is based in fact and – there is a lot of spin in the world wide web. Here is a fact and some critical thinking. Over ninety-seven percent of global warming scientists agree that climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels. Thinking critically: Does it take more than 97% for information to be regarded as fact.

About 4.5 billion years ago our solar system was formed from a cloud of gasses and other matter; gravity caused gasses and other matter to form the sun, the planets and everything in the solar system. Encyclopedia Britannica (Evolution of the Atmosphere) and Wikipedia (Abiogenesis):

Earth’s original atmosphere was rich in methane, ammonia and water vapor. There was no free oxygen. In a billion or more years as volcanoes spewed forth gasses and other debris, the atmosphere changed to mostly nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Then life began and photosynthesis released the oxygen from the carbon dioxide. Now today the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with little carbon dioxide. The carbon became fossil fuel.

The writer says fossil fuel is there for our use. Thinking critically tells me that we are the first generations with the technology to use fossil fuel that was put down tens or hundreds of millions of years ago, to enhance our conveniences. What right do we have?

Oh: I accept God as the creator.

Arnold J. Byron

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