Letter on Overpopulation — June-1-2019

Dear Editor,

Re: “Think life is sacred? Show it.”

I agree with the writer about pro-lifers: “If they sincerely believe life is sacred, they should support birth control so women don’t have to choose”; and “If these men who are against abortion were truly sincere about the sanctity of human life, they would put their money where their mouth is and get vasectomies after their second child.”

These statements are about birth control. The reality is that humanity has delayed too long in deciding that we must move from birth control to population control. I think of population control as one child per family to reduce the population; two children per family to maintain the population; and three children per family to increase the population. It may take two or three generations to reduce the population to be in sync with Earth’s resources; then every family can have two children. This will mean that every male will be required to have a vasectomy after one or two children, depending on which phase we are in, reduction or maintenance.

This is the way humanity must live: forever. I think it will take only one generation for everyone to learn that when the mother has the baby, the father gets a vasectomy.

The problem is global so there will have to be a global office put in place to decide when humanity is in a reduction mode or a maintenance mode. That office has yet to be developed, but I am convinced that it can be developed in time for humanity to prevent the socio-economic collapse and mass extinction that many have predicted for our future.

As things are today, I believe strongly in women’s right to choose. But if men are required to have vasectomies, women may have to give that up.

Arnold J. Byron

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